Evryway Visualiser is now in Beta!

Visualiser was released to Itch in November last year - and what a crazy year it's been! In the last five months, I've made a whole host of improvements, fixes and updates to Visualiser while it's been available as an Alpha version. Many folks have contributed towards the development - either by purchasing on Itch (the best help there is!), putting suggestions up on Discord, giving bug reports or directly helping me fix issues, and I'm hugely thankful for all the support and interest I've had so far.

It's finally at the point where I can confidently say Visualiser works ... which is a great point to move from Alpha into Beta! We're nowhere near done, yet - there's lots of improvements I still need to make before I could say I'm finished (whatever that means, these days) - hand tracking updates, better UI and menus, gapless streaming, the ever elusive Spotify support. Hopefully, though, Visualiser is good enough now to stop expecting people to accept issues that make their day worse.

The first Beta version is out today (0.66) and I'm hoping to make another release in time for 20th April.

Improvements in the last couple of months:

Automated beat-matching system to try and track against the content and tempo of the music that's playing.

Loads of new effects (fractal spheres, fireworks, and the latest edition - a laser show!)

 DLNA playback is supported on a much wider number of devices, thanks to all the testing and feedback from everyone who's been playing with the alpha version.

Hand tracking support in place, with hand-gesture activated menus.

There's still much more to come - as long as you folks are interested in using Visualiser, I'll keep trying to make it better.

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