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Sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite music. Let the visuals surround you.

Visualiser is a music player experience for Oculus Quest.  Visualiser lets you play any MP3 tracks on your device, and supports DLNA servers on your local network.

Visualiser is now available on Oculus App Lab, and a key comes with each purchase on Itch. Check the installation instructions for more details. You can also install the APK directly or via SideQuest if that's your thing.

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Latest Version : 0.180


# 0.180 (20230830)


due to Meta making the Quest 1 hardware obsolete, future updates will most likely be restricted to Quest 2 and future hardware. This release may well be the last version for Quest 1 hardware. Please do get in touch if you are running Visualiser on Quest 1 and find any breaking issues!

Bug fix: menu system gesture now working again.

Performance: lots of performance tweaks.

Maintenance: Unity 2022.3.7, OVR 50 (1.82)

# 0.175 (20220926)

Maintenance update. UNity 2022.1.17.

# 0.170 (20220703)

Bug Fix: Long tracks (over an hour) played from the Quest filesystem caused an out of memory issue. Thanks to PBenter for spotting and providing test tracks.

Maintenance: Unity 2021.3.5, OVR 41 (1.73)

You can install the app via the Oculus Store, and that's the recommended way to do things now. Simply grab an Oculus Key, redeem the code on the Oculus store, and install.


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Music, music-player, Oculus Quest, quest, Virtual Reality (VR), visualiser, visualizer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsOculus Quest
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community


Buy Now$4.20 USD or more

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com.evryway.visualiser.oal_0.175_OculusAppLab.apk 75 MB
com.evryway.visualiser.oal_0.170_OculusAppLab.apk 75 MB

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Did the demo, seemed alright, but to be honest the radio didn't have what I wanted listening to. So I Tried loading up a bunch of MP3s to headset, visualizer isn't able to see the file path after interacting with it. Can't load any custom songs. Little disapointing. Not sure if i'm suck on this version now since i bought at this time. WIll there eventually be a fix for this that can update my purchase of com.evryway.visualiser.oal_0.163_OculusAppLab.apk ?

Hi there c9_kaze, hope you're well! We can't have you disappointed! If you can join the Discord server or drop me an email, I'll do my best to get things running for you. Links at the bottom of this page https://www.evryway.com/apps/evrywayvisualiser/


Hallo! Can't wait to give this a try—I've been saying from the start that the one thing left that I really really really need is a good VR music visualiser!

My question is: you keep mentioning that the visualiser plays MP3s, but what other formats can it play? Will it support, say, FLACs?


Hi Emskidoodlepip, I support the formats Unity works with natively - see https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AudioFiles.html for the list. It's basically MP3, WAV and OGG - no FLAC or AAC unfortunately. I've got a task on the backlog to transcode some formats, but it'll not be happening in the near future.

Hello, I purchased Evryway when I had the Quest, but now I moved to SteamVR because of all the Facebook issues. Any chance of a Windows version? (I am using WMR).


Hi Monsieur Cedric,  Thanks for your Quest purchase! There's a windows version in the works (Unity just recently fixed the issue with streaming MP3s, so it actually works now). No timescale yet - but if you'd like to help test it, reply and I'll get you a version.

Yes! That's good news. 

I would love to try it. And I will give you my feedback. I use a Samsung Odyssey+, WIN10 x64, SteamVR.

Thanks in advance!

Pop on Discord (link is above) and I'll sort something out ;)

AMAZING.  Works with my Synology NAS drive, seamless and very fast DLNA/UPnP.  Seems to me like this could be  the first sniff of a Beat Saber type experience that uses my own music library (lord I hate the music in all these fitness apps, even when the app itself is fun)  -- looks like you're analyzing the sound files and locating beats, synchronising graphic events to beats...  no need for pre-fabricated beatmaps...  just a thought.

What a great show... now it just needs more and more fx in its box of tricks, so there's less repeat?  My faves were the starry skies, the glowing rain, and dancing fire sprites. Reflection fx in virtual water wd be cool, also virtual rolling waves (shades of Fantasia!).  Growing fractals might be fun (plant-shaped, or frost crystals).  Mind blowing to see the stars pulsing in time to a favourite tune... dreamlike.  Great sense of enormous space.

What I wish for in my wildest dreams... more sensitivity to the tonal quality of the music, maybe allow the user to colour-map frequency?  deep tones blue, high tones red, that sort of thing?  Different patterns for quiet passages vs loud ones?   Is it possible to detect timbral signatures like voice/violin vs piano/guitar?  Seemed like the overall character of the animations was very similar even on completely distinct types of music, so that rock-n-roll looks pretty much like classical looks like jazz.  And in even wilder dreams, I would love to interact with the graphics, "drawing" in the air with my hands and having the algorithm take those movements and reflect/kaleido them, or let me trail fire and shimmer, etc., or just "conduct" or influence the patterns.  I wanted to reach out and become part of it, if that's in any way possible.  Makes me want to dance with the light...

That sounds like I'm complaining that it's not cool enough, when it's already insanely cool... but it's more like I'm getting a glimpse of huge, dizzying new worlds of possibility for interacting with my favourite sound files-- music that means a lot to me.  This app gave me one of those pure Wow experiences, unforgettable moment, jaw dropping, big dazed grin, like being a kid again.  I certainly plan to watch the show in bed some time, what a way to relax before sleeping.  Superb work.  Please keep developing.

Tazling, thanks for such wonderful feedback - lots to digest here. Much of what you suggest is already on the backlog and (time permitting) it'll get implemented; more effects, obviously.

The effect triggers are pretty simple at the minute - mostly tempo-triggers keyed off the beat detection, and there's a few effects that directly map frequency regions into triggers too. I'd love to generalise this so other folks could begin creating effects - similar to Milkdrop, I guess, although working in a space rather than a plane is quite different!

I've done a few prototypes of hand and finger trails, and that stuff is on the backlog - it looks great, but needs a little more work before it goes in.

Pop on Discord if you would like to give more feedback!

How do you pause the video? Looking to record the video and need to be able to start/stop it.  Thx!

Hi! if you mean pausing the effects, there's no way to do that at the minute - I'm making some changes to effects sequencing which will let you stick on a single effect, but they're always going to change based on the music that's playing. If you want to talk about how I can help you record something, pop on Discord!


Amazing project. I've been dreaming of something like this since the early 90s... Please keep adding  new effects.

Can't seem to get the MP3 files I uploaded to play, maybe I'm doing something wrong? The files are under the Music folder in the SD, please help.

Hi! if you can, pop on Discord and we'll get your problem fixed. (the link is above)

Tried 0.66 and It's great. The only main improvement could have been if the whole view would tilt with the headset, so you can enjoy this while lying down. Thanks!

Glad you like it! Have you tried Bedtime Mode? Go into the Settings / Effects menu and activate Bedtime Mode, and the effects should work for you lying down.

Oh snap. My bad. You're right.